Seminars and invited lectures

Jeremy Barbay - Optimal Prefix Free Codes with Partial Sorting (June 23 2016)

(FRI piškot)

Jeremy Barbay - From Fine Grained Analysis to Instance Optimality (June 21 2016)


Bogdan Zavalnij - Different Graph Coloring Methods: Theoretical and Experimental Approach (May 30 2014)


Alejandro López-Ortiz - List Update for Data Compression (21 March 2014)


Alejandro López-Ortiz - Multi-Pivot Quicksort: Theory and Experiments (19 March 2014)

(FRI seminar)

Daniela Maftuleac - Shortest path problem in rectangular complexes of global non-positive curvature (13 March 2014)

(FMF seminar)

Alejandro López-Ortiz - Dictonaries and BSTs, Dictonaries for Multi-Dimensional Data (13 March 2014)

(invited lecture at Algorithms and Data structures 2 course)

Robert Fraser - Computational geometry with imprecise data (28th October 2013)

(FRI seminar)

Nodari Sitchinava - Locality-conscious parallel algorithms (17th October 2013)

(FRI seminar)