Efficient Deduplication in Disk- and RAM-based Data Storage Systems

TitleEfficient Deduplication in Disk- and RAM-based Data Storage Systems
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsTolič, A., and A. Brodnik
Document NumberTechnical report LUSY-2014/01
Date Published2014/01
InstitutionUniversity of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science
Report NumberLUSY-2014/01

Modern storage systems such as distributed file systems and key-value stores in many cases exhibit data redundancy. The issue is addressed by deduplication, a process of identifying and eliminating duplicate data. While deduplication is typically applied to data stored on disks, the emergence of RAM-based storage systems opens new problems on one hand while being insensitive to some inherent deficiencies of deduplication such as fragmentation. In this paper we present a review of disk- and memory-based deduplication.