Lab assignment #1

The lab assignment consists of multiple parts. Each part is worth a few points. To get a perfect score, you need to gather at least 10 points. The number in front of each part is the number of points you can get by finishing that part. The parts are:

  • 0 - base.txt - Describe the state of your system before you started the assignment; List the OS and all the relevant programs you have installed.
  • 3 - dhcp.txt - Set up a DHCP server. It should serve addresses on a local network. The network and ranges of addresses to serve for each student are specified in the list.
  • 2 - tftp.txt - Set up a TFTP server. Make it serve a bootloader. The name of the file containing the bootloader should equal your name; replace letters č, ž, š, đ, ñ, etc. with c, z, s, dz, n, etc.
  • 2 - pxelinux.txt - Set your bootloader so that it displays an image of your choosing. Take a picture of a computer booting as proof. Also, the bootloader should show a special menu (optionally with a special picture) for just one computer. That special computer's MAC is specified along with the IP range for your network in the list.
  • For the next few tasks, the booting computer should work, even if it has no disk installed. By booting multiple OSes, you can get as many points as you like:
    • 1 - linux.txt - Set up Linux so it boots over the network, or
    • 1 - bsd.txt - Set up BSD so it boots over the network, or
    • 1 - otheros.txt - Set up any other OS so it boots over the network.
  • 2 - http.txt - set up your bootloader so that it downloads the kernel and initial ramdisk over HTTP
  • 2 - image.txt - Set the OS up so that it displays an image of your choice during boot
  • 2 - linuxstart.txt - Set the OS up so that it starts a graphical program of your choice after booting.
  • 2 - DOSgame.txt - Set the computer up so that it boots into DOS and runs any DOS-based game.
  • 3 - share.txt - Set the computer up so that the user's files are stored on a network server.

These files should be UTF-8 encoded plain text files. People who hand in files not encoded in UTF-8 will have 1 point deducted from their score. People who do not name their files according to the instructions above will have 1 point deducted from their score. People who hand in non-textual files (such as .doc or .pdf files) will have 2 points deducted from their score.

First, you should split your report into multiple files. Put all the files into a directory called "report". Put the file snap.jpg in the same directory.

Then, copy all the config files that you changed on your system into a directory named "files".

When booting your custom menu, take a snapshot using a camera. Save the picture in a small (less than 200k) .jpeg and save it as snap.jpg.

Finally, pack both directories into a single .tgz file using:

tar -czf 63120145.tgz report files

where 63120145 is your student ID number.

You should hand in this compressed file.

Good luck with your work!