Bronze medal for Slovenia at CEOI 2015!

Submitted by mjekovec on Fri, 07/03/2015 - 16:50

Žiga Željko won the bronze medal at CEOI 2015! In the competition of 44 best programmers from Poland, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Switzerland he achieved 320 points out of 600 and won the bronze. We sincerely congratulate Žiga and wish him all the best in programming adventures to come. Other members of Slovenian team were Aljaž Eržen (180 points), Matevž Poljanc (50 points) and Miha Štravs (50 points). The students were supervised by the LUSY members Matevž Jekovec and dr. Andrej Brodnik. Gold was won by Poland, Croatia and Romania. Official results are available here. The programming tasks are also available.