How to use Raspberry Pi in the class?

Submitted by NatasaMori on Thu, 12/01/2016 - 12:44

Members of the laboratory carried out an in-service teacher training Informatics is also a science for secondary school Computer Science teachers. Physical computing in general was presented and a concrete example of using it at teaching was shown.

First day we talked about what to teach in Informatics course in gymnasium and how learning objectives of textbooks correspond with national examination in Informatics (matura). New e-textbook, system for automatic assessment TOMO and NAPOJ community was presented.  We went through the materials that were made for teachers by teachers and practically carried out one of the prepared learning lessons.

The next day we “played” with physical computing all forenoon. We joined external units and turn on and off LED diodes by hand. Next, we prepared a mini computer called Raspberry Pi, added it to our circuit and turned on and off LED lights, measured temperature and run a motor with a help of programming. Again we carried out one of the proposed learning lessons, but this time with Raspberry Pi and external units.

Teachers took circuits home, as they will use it in the class.

We can’t wait for teachers presentations this Saturday and their feedback about using physical computing in class.

Few photos from the seminar: