Accepted papers of laboratory members at MATCOS13 and VIVID13

Submitted by mjekovec on Wed, 10/02/2013 - 12:58

The following papers were accepted by the members of LUSY to the internetional conference MATCOS13:

  • Andrej Bukošek: A system for parallel execution of data-flow graphs
  • Matevž Jekovec: Theoretical aspects of ERa, the fastest practical suffix tree construction algorithm
  • Gašper Fele-žorž: A Faster Algorithm for Calculating the Sample Entropy

Also, the following article was accepted to the conference on Education in Information Society - VIVID13:

Nataša Kristan, Andrej Brodnik: Comparison of learning objectives and curricula of computer science (Primerjava učnih ciljev in kurikulomov računalništva in informatike)

We congratulate all the authors!