LALGinar: Alejandro López-Ortiz - List Update for Data Compression

Submitted by mjekovec on Tue, 03/18/2014 - 13:56

V petek, 21. marca 2014 ob 11h bo vabljen predavatelj Alejandro López-Ortiz imel v diplomski sobi FE na Tržaški 25 predavanje.

Povezava na prosojnice in video posnetek.


From inception, list update (LU) has been used as a means to compress data. In this talk we review the main practical results on the use of list update for data compression. We discuss the theoretical foundations of these results. Then we present an LU-based compressing scheme which is superior to BWT. Interestingly enough this compression inspired strategy also proves superior to MTF in the MRM cost model of Martinez, Roura and Munro in practice.